The new Revelation headpiece

The new Revelation headpiece and Revelation Over-sized* (o/s) is a new addition to WEB designs after 10 months of working with horses a vet Physio and cranial specialist. Feedback & trialling has been as we expected it suits horses that are difficult to fit, those with large ear bulbs, and that are sensitive in neck and/or poll and in TMJ and TMD and need to relax over poll and take the frame forward from the base of either and feel more equal in their contact but also feel that you can communicate without tension and resistance. Knowing that your horse is more relaxed, more supple and that the facial nerves and poll are not under undue pressure means the jaw will relax too, with that the energy will then come through and not be blocked, with a more relax even consitant contact. I may have been slow working on this but the attention to detail the trialling the shaping has all taken time with a great team working to the last millimetre to get it right. Built over a shaped wider central poll area then curved to give horse with fat base of ears room, with tapering all cut and made by hand it has been precision work & knowledge to get this right. And finished with padding so soft and with only the softest Sedgwick finest English leather (so important to know when buying any leather product). The headpiece combined with the Harmony has been a success story that i feel so proud to help horses feel they can give their best because it makes them so much more comfortable. The revelation headpiece can be used with any bridle options we offer from snaffle to double and is available in warm chocolate brown and black.

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This bridle is also available for hire and trials can be offered on many of our bridles

*Over-sized (o/s), this is a term used to describe an added feature to cover the poll and ear base of less than easy sized horses.

All our products are made to measure from the finest materials.

The revelation headpiece & O/S revelation
The revelation headpiece & O/S revelation