The Elegance bridle

For more delicate faces

We have added this bridle to the range after demand for another style of bridle for ponies and also for those wanting a thinner more refined noseband. Also this is a non crank noseband which so many prefer on smaller heads and also without the crank that some horses do not like. The noseband is just over 4cm width at the front but then tapers away at the sides for comfort and adds room for the bits. It also helping horses that are short from the bottom of the cheek bone to the corner of the mouth. Available currently on black leather with options of black padding, white padding, smooth leather or patent leather with or without flash. Also rolled available and can be made in snaffle or double.

This bridle is available of The Grand Prix (as pictured) and The Revelation headpiece.

As with all our products please, email or call 07801 704166 to chat through options.
Available in black Sedgwick English leather with options on padding colour

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The grand prix elegance bridle