The Belissimo drop noseband bridle

The Belissimo drop noseband bridle

After ten months of graft, I felt ready to offer this super noseband end of last year. After going back and forth with changes then out to horses to trial then more changes, more conversations with physios dentists & riders at last the Belissimo noseband has had the last tweak & it’s all systems go. As you know the harmony teamed with OS Revelation drop changed so many horses the pilance & gait research a year later backed up what horses felt, so I wanted to step it up try make a drop noseband that acted like a cavesson and grackle, and gave the same feeling of stillness & confidence to reach into the bridle & then lift up over to contact but without the horse feeling restricted or losing mobility in jaw & poll but to be so adjustable in frame & seeking always seeking forward. The adjustability of this noseband is what makes it so unique as even though its totally hand made, it’s so much adjustable, and offers hard to fit noses and especially ponies the change to have a super drop noseband bridle.

Headpiece choice is the Grand Prix or The Revelation.

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Available in chocolate brown or black English leather

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This bridle is also available for hire