Jess Wilson

Jess is a very successful & talented rider, producer, & trainer working along side her is a great team of professionals and horses at their home in Kent. Jess has a super way of producing her stallions and young stock and has been one of our longest supported riders and works closely with WEB to help input ideas and thoughts into our research & developements over the years. Jesses achievements have been regional Champion on Santo Hit and as a working stallion he has now produced some great young stock and these carry his super temperament good looks and trainable traits that are a asset to any breeder. Jess also provides lots of the lovely photos on the page of the bridles and accessories and also we love to support Equilove products here also.

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What Jess says about WEB

“When I received the new revelation headpiece and harmony drop noseband i was interested to try it.  One of my stallions (Rococo B) has a sensitive and very rounded poll meaning that bridles tend to slip forwards on him putting pressure on the back of the ears and generally compromising the position of the bridle and there for his acceptance of the bridle, making the revelation headpiece was of particular interest for this horse.

Well, WOW, that pretty much sums it up! The revelation headpiece is very well named and is indeed a revelation! 

With the addition of the harmony drop noseband and a change in bit he felt absolutely super.  The best way to describe the feeling is that he was capable of doing the work and giving me the feeling that i always knew was in there but couldn’t quite get to.  He was a lot more comfortable in this bridle making him more accepting of both the mouth being closed and of the bit in general.   The sympathetic and effective design of the harmony drop noseband achieves the goal of keeping the mouth closed without the jaw becoming tight and again the hand.   Due to the softness of the jaw, poll and length of the neck i had more swing through the back and the hind legs were able to come through more, giving more lift through the shoulder and a general feeling of more power but will lift suspension and most of all, self carriage.”