Daisy Jackson

Daisy Jackson is a 17 year old junior dressage rider.

The highlight of her career so far, after lots of hard work was being selected for the GB squad with Saint Swithens. She was part of the squad from 2012-2013 where she attended the training and prepared for international competitions. Sadly in March 2013 Daisy lost Saint Swithens after he was put to sleep.

His passing meant that they missed out on a season of internationals and chance of making the team. She is now on a quest to bring on her British bred horse and train him herself to Grand Prix.

She is aiming high, to get back on the squad, with Fürst Larkshill aka Tango who she has owned from a 4 year old. Daisy is aiming to be competing him at Junior level this season and hoping to qualify for the Under 25’s National Championships.

Daisy currently works and trains at Dan Greenwood Dressage where she is completing an Advanced Apprenticeship in Sporting Excellence in conjunction with Hartpury College after being selected as one of 12 out of 80 applicants.

Daisy also writes a dressage round-up for Everything Horse UK where she and Tango will be modelling some of WEB products.

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What Daisy says about WEB

Revelation bridle update 2
As a follow on to my report of 4th May on the fantastic results I have had using the Revelation/Harmony combination bridle I can now add a further update after Tango saw his sports massage therapist Caroline Bennetts who uses the Masterson Method.

Tango is treated usually 6 weekly using a combination of sports massage and physio. On this occasion Caroline has only seen Tango 4 weeks prior and in this time I had changed his bridle to the Wolds Exclusive Bling Revelation snaffle bridle with a drop noseband.
As Caroline started to treat Tango she immediately asked me what I had changed. I told her that the only thing that had changed was a new bridle. The observations from Caroline were that Tango was no longer hypersensitive which had always been an issue with him, especially around his facial areas. Caroline described his poll area as “literally perfect” and that his hind legs were “spot on” indicating that he was definitely freer in front allowing the hind legs to come through and work correctly.

I have been so delighted with the results so was a little concerned that this would change once I start to work in the double bridle again. Tango has always been ridden in a crank cavesson with his double and Lara suggested to change this to a non-crank and add the Revelation headpiece. Once again Tango showed a huge improvement and was far better in the connection and much happier in the non-crank.

I am very excited to have made these changes to Tango under Lara’s guidance and are working towards our first PSG this summer after getting the go ahead from Nicky Barrett.

Revelation bridle update 3

After a great season I was thrilled that Blackberry had qualified for 3 levels for the Regional Championships. The week before we were due to compete there I decided on a whim to ride her in Tango’s Revelation/Harmony snaffle bridle. Well, the bridle didn’t even fit well but WOW what a difference! Once again, the same as Tango’s first time in it, I felt a big change as soon as I took up the reins. She was softer, so lovely in the contact and working through her back and everything seemed effortless. I got off her so excited but with a dilemma as Tango’s bridle was not a good fit but I really wanted to ride her in it for the champs. I came home all excited about Berry’s work that day and told Mum who immediately got on to Lara and explained the whole thing. This was on the Wednesday evening before the champs. Thursday morning Mum was still taking measurements and relaying them to Lara. By Friday morning a new Revelation/Harmony measured to fit Berry perfectly arrived just in time for our trial test run at Kingston Maurward! I am very excited for the regionals and hoping that Blackberry isn’t too over awed by the atmosphere and I get some of the work we have had on the day.

A massive thank you to Lara who has been an amazing support to me and I hope to do her proud at the Regionals.

Daisy Jackson