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We work really passionately to get the message out of the importance of the right bridle and the correct fit being as important as the time you spend purchasing and fitting a saddle. All your efforts to get your horses way of going to improve power through the hind quarters must come up and over the back, and forward to the contact but can be lost from the withers up towards the contact because to an uncomfortable bridle, or in fact the wrong type of bridle.

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On our Facebook page  you can view all products we make for sale, as our items are extremely unique there is a huge gallery on our Facebook page. You can also place orders via a Facebook message or email info@woldsexclusivebling.com. You don’t need a Facebook account to view our page and look through the albums of products.

For fitting guides and information

For an assessment of your horse, fitting and guidance or to hire please contact Lara direct on 07801 704166, email info@woldsexclusivebling.com. Or use the online contact form here